On-line logs and OQRS

FO/SP5EAQ & TX5AQ (WPX) activity from Rimatara, Austral Islands, 03.2022
VK9NC (SP7VC) activity from Norfolk Is., 10/11.2019 (log only, QSL via SP7VC)
VK9NE (SP5EAQ) activity from Norfolk Is., 10.2019 (log only, QSL via SP7VC)
VK9NG (SP5ES) activity from Norfolk Is., 10/11.2019 (log only, QSL via SP7VC)
T2AQ and T2QR (SP5EAQ and SP7DQR) activities from Tuvalu, 03/04.2017
E51EAQ - Jacek SP5EAQ activity from South Cook Islands, 10-11.2015
5W0AF and 5W0AG (SP5EAQ and SP5ES) activities from Samoa, 10-11.2014
ZK3E and ZK3Q (SP5ES and SP5EAQ) activities from Tokelau, 10.2014
H40KJ - Jacek, SP5DRH DX-pedition to Temotu Province, 10.2011
T30RH - Jacek, SP5DRH DX-pedition to Tarawa, West Kiribati, 03.2011
3D2KJ - Jacek, SP5DRH DX-pedition to Fiji, 10.2009
JW0PK - DX-pedition to Svalbard, 06.2001
9K2/SP4R - Andrzej "Andy" SP4R activity from Kuwait
SN0HQ (IARU HF Championship PZK station)
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SP55DXC (2014)
SP50DXC (2009)
HF6HQ (2019)
SP60DXC (2009)

You can use OQRS system to request QSL Card via Bureau or Direct. Find your QSOs in required log, select QSO(s) you want to confirm, fill Date and Time for each selected QSO, select post method (Bureau or Direct) and press Send request button.

For Direct requests minimum donation is 3 USD. After sending request PayPal button will be visible, but you can find it here, too: Donate Dx-pedition. If you want to receive QSLs for QSOs with other stations in one mail, please add requests in the e-mail (and don't forget to use direct OQRS for these requests, but without donation!).
If it not possible to make a donation by PayPal from your country, click here.

If you don't want to use OQRS system, you can send QSL Card by Bureau or direct (with SAE and 1 IRC (valid) or 3USD) to SP7DQR:   

Marek Niedzielski
P.O. Box 15
25-648 Kielce 9