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Welcome on my Home Page.

Marek SP7DQR

My hobby is amateur radio communication (specially digital modes), programming (in Delphi 5) and tranlations help files to Polish language.
All my programs are freeware and can be distributed and used without any limitations. You can use all my programs on YOUR OWN RISK. Neither me (the author) nor any other party takes NO responsibility for ANY damage that may occurr through the usage of my programs.

Latest changes in my page:

New project :

OTRSP to BCD Converter
OTRSP Antenna Selector

New applications (or applications' versions) :
SWL_DQR_Log [ver. 2.10, 963 kB]
DUPE_Selector [ver. 1.02, 204 kB]
ADIF2TEXT [ver. 2.06, 187 kB]
ADIF2CABR [ver. 3.10, 250 kB]
ADIF_Filter [ver. 4.00, 307 kB]
LOG RECOVERER [ver. 1.01, 189 kB]

I hope that my website arouse your interest and visitors' counter will be working like this: :-)))

73! de Marek SP7DQR